Actually finding a girlfriend?

Just realized you're bi? Unsure if you're bi, pan, or lesbian? Questioning your gender? Talk about your thoughts and feelings here.
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Actually finding a girlfriend?

Post by Laurie »

I feel like since I’ve been out it’s been extremely difficult finding a woman I want to date. It’s pretty much the same thing for me when I tried to date guys, I go more for personality than anything else. I feel like maybe the dating world in general is difficult at the moment.. I keep getting approached by couples that know I’m bi.. and the thing is I’m not into that. Why do people assume that just because someone’s bi they want both sides at the same time? lol.

I’ve realized for me I’m emotionally attracted to men, but my sexual attraction leans more towards women. I’d like to have both emotional and physical towards a woman but that hasn’t happened yet. I know it’ll take time to find. Just trying to stay positive lol :? :cry:
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Re: Actually finding a girlfriend?

Post by VirgoGirl »

Its hard, i know. It took me 10 years on the old forum before i, by some dumb luck, bumped into someone that gave me the experience i have always wanted. The past 3 years were amazing. Unfortunately we had to end it but we are still very close friends. I wouldn't change it for anything. It was emotional and physical, it was awesome. I miss it. At the moment i miss the physical a lot...cause i guess the emotional got a bit hard to handle for the both of us, especially cause we're both married.

I hope you find someone. I really do. Being in a relationship with a woman is a whole other experience, its very intense...but then again im a very intense, emotional and loving person so a sucker for romance.

Good luck ;)
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Re: Actually finding a girlfriend?

Post by marbi »

I am right there with you! I really need an emotional connection first and it has been so hard for me. With men, they always approached me. With women, I need to put myself out there more and I don't quite know what I'm doing lol. It's a bit frustrating and discouraging. I don't have advice just know you're not the only one!
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