Lasting longer would be nice!

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Lasting longer would be nice!

Post by lousund »

A friend at work was telling me a joke. From a woman's perspective, what's the difference between sex with a man and sex with a woman?
About an hour lol.

They say there is often some truth in a joke. I do like him lasting more than 60 seconds. Ok some last a lot longer, but generally? A couple of minutes perhaps? So on that basis, so much more fulfilling with a woman.

Thoughts? Are you the lucky one where your partner/past partners have lasted a decent amount of time? Or maybe even too long and you just want him to get it over with? Oh and what about foreplay? Do you get pissed off when he doesn't bother with that at all and goes straight in?
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Re: Lasting longer would be nice!

Post by VirgoGirl »

He lasts long enough for me....sometimes a bit too long lol. But generally i'm satisfied. I guess it's just different in the sense of with a woman it's more intense, she's more attentive to my needs and yeah it does last longer cause obviously there's more touching and foreplay.
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Re: Lasting longer would be nice!

Post by moonbynight »

I've never had a partner I felt didn't last long enough. I had to tell one to please finish faster - he went on and on to the point where it was boring and a bit painful. Turned out he'd been intentionally holding off out of a perception that this was a good thing and was happy with finishing faster.

It seems to me that the idea of "lasting long enough" is based in a phallocentric view of sex, where penis in vagina is the only true sex, and sex is over once the man orgasms. Reality is that many women do not orgasm from penetration, or do so only in certain positions or circumstances, so pounding away forever is never actually going to get anywhere. Finishing the penis part of it and moving on to some other activity that actually results in orgasm for the woman seems more appropriate to me for women who don't orgasm from penetration.

I mean, there are extremes. Not coming within the first 30 seconds is probably better. But a few minutes isn't necessarily worse than a few hours, as long as everyone's needs get met.
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Re: Lasting longer would be nice!

Post by MarieGreen »

My male partner lasts for fucking ever. Loses his erection and regains it. Can't cum through penetrative sex whereas I can. Frustrated the hell out of me.
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