The Crisis in Gaza

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The Crisis in Gaza

Post by RedRosa »

As an outspoken critic of Israeli policy and a steadfast opponent of the authoritarian and corrupt Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, I unreservedly condemn the inhuman and barbaric Hamas whose extremism, anti-semitism and general obscurantism make it much more like ISIS than a "resistance" movement. Its actions this week will wind up killing thousands more, mostly Palestinians. For the record, I'm Jewish.

A sane and balanced assessment by Naomi Klein:

In Gaza and Israel, side with the child over the gun ... raeli-jews
An Injury to One is an Injury to All
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Re: The Crisis in Gaza

Post by Orla »

I have been following the news on what’s happening in Gaza since last month when this started. I find what the conventional news outlets are reporting on to be very biased towards the Israeli government, so the information provided by Palestinian journalists on the ground there is invaluable.
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