Dissociative Identity Disorder?

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Dissociative Identity Disorder?

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I tentatively talked about this with a therapist a while back while not saying it by name. I felt a little brushed off. But I'm getting increasingly convinced I may have DID. My sexuality is a big part of it. I've not been around for the last few months because genuinely I felt as straight as a straight thing. Then I dreamt about licking nipples out of the blue.

It's not just sexuality though I see how I am at work. Sometimes I'm the most genuinely caring person in the room and sometimes I couldn't give a crap. But it feels like these personality changes last days, weeks even months.

For those who've read my posts you may know I've been through some severe trauma so DID is possible, albeit more common in child abuse victims whereas the rapes I went through were from 21 onwards. My old therapist described my childhood as emotionally abusive but I'm not sure it's fair. It was a pretty normal childhood for the time I think.
Wish I could work out how to escape the closet...
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