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Social Media

Post by Mintcake »

Some months ago, one of my friends ranted about how she's fed up with inappropriate messages on some social media platforms. Her pet hate was receiving dick pics. I kind of joked at the time that I'd never received one and therefore I must be doing something wrong ha!

Unfortunately I have to eat my own words. In the past month I've started to receive said pics a few times a week.

I have two main questions. Why do men think it's ok to send women these kinds of pictures and what do they actually get out of it? I'd love to know the psychology behind their schoolboy-like actions.

My other question is how does social media allow it? By that I mean surely these platforms should be able to implement a facility whereby the sender can be traced and reported to law enforcement agencies. How difficult can it be? After all, they have the brains to have invented the technology in the first place.
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Re: Social Media

Post by RedRosa »

What motivates men to send dick pics is beyond me -- I have no idea.

What social media sites were you talking about?

I have a low profile on social media theses days. I joined MySpace when I was still working in the music publishing business because it was all the marketing rage at the time. Around 2009 MySpace went into decline and everyone switched to Facebook. I belonged for awhile but I was inundated with requests for auditions, invitations to see bands perform, meetings with agents, etc. I closed my account after a year.

These days I only belong to a list serve for poetry/spoken word and a political discussion site. No one sends dick pics.
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