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Talk about our fur babies, animals in general, plants, and gardening.
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Re: Our Pets

Post by moonbynight »

Kaylee wrote: Fri Oct 06, 2023 2:35 pm I have 3 koi and 3 giant goldfish in a pond, and two dogs - both rescues. One is a “mini goldendoodle” but she really looks like a cross between a golden and a dachshund, and the other is a cross between a wheaten terrier, pittie, and basset hound <3 both dogs are low riders 😂
I adore koi. I suck at routine maintenance kind of stuff and can't see myself keeping them as pets, but I do love them.

The mini goldendoodle sounds adorable. I have full sized goldens currently. I like them, but if I get more dogs in the future, they will probably be small dogs, and a golden cross might be something I'd be interested in.
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Re: Our Pets

Post by Kaylee »

Koi are beautiful and totally relaxing to watch.

I think you could definitely keep koi! They are the easiest pet to keep - in my limited experience. They require so much less. I have a small pond, maybe that’s why it’s easier?
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