Women and women-adjacent members only.
  • Shybi has always been, and will continue to be, a site by and for women, without male participation.
  • In the 20 years since the original site started, the general perception and understanding of gender has evolved, and many more people now identify as nonbinary or question their gender. If you are nonbinary or otherwise gender variant and feel that your gender identity and life experiences allow you to interact authentically with a site for women, you are welcome to participate here.
  • Trans women are women and are welcome at any stage in the transition process. You are not required to identify yourself as trans unless you choose to do so.
  • No “couples” accounts. Women in relationships with men are, of course, welcome to participate, but their male partner may not. Women in same sex relationships who both want to use the site should each have their own account.
18+ only
  • We talk about sex a lot. You must be 18+ to participate.
  • If your jurisdiction has a higher age limit or other legal limitations on mature content, you are responsible for abiding by that.
This is a support and social site, not a dating site.
  • No posts or DMs looking for dates, hookups, partners for a threesome (or moresome), or any other sexual or romantic interaction, whether in person or online.
  • If a relationship develops naturally, that’s ok, but that’s not the goal of the site.
Follow Wil Wheaton’s law - Don’t be a dick
  • Interact in good faith, and assume good intentions from others.
  • No harassing, threatening, stalking, or doxxing. This includes both members here, or elsewhere on the internet or in real life.
    • No hate speech, -isms, -phobias, or fetishizing/objectifying of marginalized groups.
    • Including, but not limited to, racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, classism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, fatphobia, etc.
Consent first
  • Do not attempt to initiate sexual interaction with another individual without asking. This includes talking about sexual experiences or sending lewd images in DM.
  • Clearly label mature content, and post in appropriate areas only, where people are expecting to see it.
Don’t misrepresent yourself
  • We encourage you to be as vague about your personal details as you feel necessary for privacy and safety, but don’t outright lie about them.
    • You may use pseudonyms for yourself and others for privacy.
    • If someone chooses not to share personal information, don't ask. Find another way to make conversation.
  • Do not create multiple accounts.
    • If you need to create a new account for safety/privacy or other legitimate reason, please discuss with the mods.
    • If multiple people in the same household or using the same device will be participating, please either publicly identify yourself as a couple (or roommates, friends, siblings, etc.) or let the mods know.
  • Don’t post pictures and claim or imply that they are you or yours when they aren’t.
    • Your profile picture doesn’t have to be yourself (a lot of people use celebrities or fictional characters), but don’t claim or imply that it is if it isn’t.
  • Don’t plagiarise – if you’re copying and pasting content from elsewhere, be clear that this is what you’re doing.
    • Include your source (a link if possible, or at least mention where you got it).
    • If copying and pasting content from elsewhere, please add your own thoughts and feelings, or at least some information about why you’re sharing it.
    • Be conscious of copyright and intellectual property when reposting content from elsewhere. Consider posting an excerpt and linking to the original, rather than reposting a whole article.
No Spamming
  • Don’t post for the sole purpose of advertising.
  • Don't post multiple identical or very similar threads (eg. posting the same thread to several different subforums).
  • Otherwise active and contributing members may mention or link to their personal business/blog/whatever if it is relevant to the topic at hand, but don’t be obnoxious about it.
Mature content limitations
  • Post explicit sexual content, whether text or images, in the “Let’s Talk About Sex” forum and its subforums only.
  • No unclothed, Not Safe For Work (NSFW), porn, R, or X-rated images or videos featuring actual people in posts, whether as attachments or embeds.
  • Detailed text-based mature content (eg. erotica) is allowed.
  • Tasteful erotic artwork (paintings, drawings, etc.) is allowed - if it’s the sort of thing you’d see hanging in a museum, great. If it’s something you’d find on a hentai tumblr, no.
  • If posting mature/erotic/NSFW images, clearly identify this in the thread title. Don’t post them in places where people aren’t reasonably expecting to see them.
  • Clearly identified links to R/X-rated material/porn are ok.
    • No posts specifically for sharing an individual image, video, or porn site
    • Delete link previews if they contain lewd images or text.
    • Please include a brief description of what to expect, including content warnings for things some may prefer to avoid (BDSM, rough stuff, etc.)
    • No known harmful sites (malware, illegal content, etc.). If you notice a linked site is harmful, please bring it to the attention of the mods.
  • No content or links to content featuring or implying minors, animals, or others who cannot consent, real or imaginary.
    • This includes “barely legal” or intentionally age-ambiguous content.
    • Discussing your own personal experiences in a non-graphic, non-titillating manner is ok, but please don’t go into detail.
If it’s not specifically mentioned, don’t assume it’s allowed.
  • This list covers the most important details, based on our goals, values, and historic forum problems, but is not and cannot possibly cover every possible permutation of malicious or problematic behavior.
  • If a moderator or admin tells you to stop, stop. If you feel this is being abused, please contact the Administrator.
  • If you know it’s wrong, don’t do it.
  • Don't push boundaries/limits. If you're not reasonably sure something is acceptable, please ask.
  • Refer back to Wil Wheaton’s law.